Cecilia Bartoli

Cecilia Bartoli about the premiere of “Norma”

I am proud and grateful for the fact that together with a magnificent team we have an opportunity to present a new vision of Bellini’s Norma here in Salzburg. The work appears in an entirely new light thanks to the exceptional musical guise in which it is being staged here in performances based on the new critical edition of the score and with an orchestra that plays on period instruments. For my own part, I have found in the eponymous heroine the role I have long been dreaming of: here is a figure who, torn apart by inner conflict, is dramatic through and through. For me, Norma is one of the truly great love stories.

 The tremendous success of yesterday’s first night has demonstrated to all of us that we are on the right course. I hope that you will join us on our voyage of discovery and derive just as much enjoyment from the other events that form part of the 2013 Salzburg Whitsun Festival, which takes as its starting point the theme of “Opfer – Victim/Sacrifice”.

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