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Latest Reviews: Premiere of “Alcina” at Zurich Opera

Cecilia Bartoli’s voice continues to be capable of infinite nuances, whether in coloratura passage-work, in her tender tremulousness, heart-stopping entreaties or weary lamentations. With disarming honesty she pushes herself to her very limits, and in her search for unconditional truth, she even accepts the occasional note of strain. It remains one of the greatest achievements by any female artist in this or any other operatic age.

(Die Welt / Hamburger Abendblatt - Manuel Brug)

It must have been around 9 o’clock that the outside world ceased to exist for Zurich’s opera-goers, when they submitted to Cecilia Bartoli’s singing. Her “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” went straight to the soul. With “Ah! mio cor! schernito sei!” Alcina poured out her tearful lament, a universe of anguish within a single line! And in addition the figure of this Italian operatic heroine, this look in Cecilia Bartoli’s eyes that bears a thousand crosses!

(Aargauer Zeitung - Christian Bergzins)

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