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“Norma” Reviews

“… a triumph …” (The New York Times, 21 May 2013)

“Salzburg Whitsun is Cecilia Bartoli’s festival now” (International Herald Tribune, 21 May 2013)

... simply terrific!“ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 24 May 2013)

“Cecilia Bartoli sets new standards at Salzburg Whitsun Festival“ (Die Welt, 27 May 2013)

“Cecilia Bartoli shines as Bellini´s Norma“ (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 21 May 2013)

“Cecilia Bartoli is the primadonna assoluta of our times” (Die Zeit, 2 May 2013)

“Stunning new discovery“ (Salzburger Nachrichten, 21 May 2013)

“Standing ovations for Cecilia Bartoli as Norma“ (Kurier, 18 May 2013)

“Triumph with Bellini for Cecilia Bartoli” (News, 23.05.2013)

“Applause for Cecilia Bartoli”  (Österreich, 21.05.2013)

“Cecilia Bartoli triumphs in Bellini´s opera“ (Kronen Zeitung, 21.05.2013)

“... this recording is a revolution and a classic at the same time (Trouw, 7.06.2013)

“Triumph for Norma“ (Giornale del Popolo, 25.05.2013)

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