Cecilia Bartoli

Presenting St Petersburg – Cecilia Bartoli returns with a majestic new album of world premiere recordings, hidden treasures of the Mariinsky!

bartoli-petersburgFor the very first time Cecilia Bartoli explores the Baroque musical treasures of Tsarist Russia with music from the court of three 18th century Tsaristas: Anna, Elizabeth and Catherine the Great. With music written by Italian and German composers working for the Russian court, this album sheds new light on an incredible and momentous time for Russia, shaping its politics and culture towards the enlightened West.

Mostly sung in Italian, the album also offers the first opportunity to hear Bartoli sing in Russian. The music has been intricately researched by Cecilia herself, unlocking the archives of St Petersburg’s Mariinsky Library to uncover music lost for over 200 years. The new recording reunites Bartoli with Baroque specialists Diego Fasolis & I Barcochisti.

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