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Salzburg Whitsun Festival – The premiere of Gluck’s opera “Iphigénie en Tauride”

Iphigenie en Tauride

Cecilia Bartoli, Christopher Maltman
© Salzburger Festspiele / Monika Rittershaus

With her thematic focus on “Thus will I call upon the gods”, Cecilia Bartoli has once again demonstrated the Whitsun Festival’s international appeal: more than 12,000 visitors came to Salzburg to experience this year’s offerings. Audiences were especially excited by the premiere of Gluck’s opera Iphigénie en Tauride with an outstanding cast, and their enthusiasm was reflected in the press:

The Roman mezzo is the ultimate attraction of this Salzburg house production … La Bartoli’s vocal and histrionic portrayal of Iphigenia, the tragic daughter of Atreus, merits absolutely every superlative. It has to do with more than just singing beautifully. She evokes the most intimate emotions and most profound psychological states, and a world that has fallen out of (humanistic) equilibrium. Cecilia Bartoli makes this all audible. Here is a woman whose singing and acting take her to her own limits and, finally, beyond … simply fantastic.

Der Kurier (Vienna), Peter Jarolin

There can be no end to one’s admiration for this singer’s unerring consistency and her understanding of quality … Cecilia Bartoli is always the centre of attention. Her Iphigenia is a lost child and a fighter, a loving sister, ardent patriot and anxious woman – often cowering or humbling herself yet always manifesting her greatness vocally. But she is at her strongest when she sings piano, sounding intense, never comforting, lost – in a word, vulnerable. This extraordinary artist has always known how and when to invoke the spellbinding power of softness.

Die Welt (Berlin), Manuel Brug

In her four years at the festival’s helm Bartoli has shown herself to be a born impresario.

George Loomis, American Opera and Classical Music Journalist

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